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Our Segreto Italian Kitchen

“The Sunday lunch at my Great Grandma's home was a never ending show of food, people and jokes" 

- Ermanno Lelli -
An Exclusive Italian Cultural Experience

Dive into Ermanno Lelli’s cooking show of homemade, artisan and slow cooked Italian food with family recipes from 1920s and 4 generations of Southern Italian home chefs.

At Segreto, our menus are perfectly balanced and studied from centuries of food culture.

We only serve the most authentic flavors that will transport your senses to the South Italy. Each experience take more than a day of preparation, as our pasta sauces are cooked for 30 hours non-stop.

We don’t do fusions or fancy nonsense. Only original authentic recipes & good homey vibes.


Indulge in good food & music alla Italian home style

Signature Experience

The best of Ermanno Lelli's signature traditional South Italian recipes in a cozy environment.




Escape to Italy with dishes made of

 in-season ingredients and a vibrant environment.

IMG_0362 3_edited_edited.png

Lunch Experience

Spice up your day with a traditional Italian lunch featuring signature dishes and lively music.

Corporate Offers

Have a party of 8 ppl or more? Check out our corporate and events offers for weekdays.


Contact Us

Segreto Art Gallery, 2-4 Mee Lun  Street, G/F

+852 6711 0822

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