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Segreto is not a restaurant 

Segreto is a Cultural experience of

Authentic Italian culinary traditions



Our real traditional south Italian cuisine

We introduce you in a cooking show of homemade, artisan, slow cooked, Italian food

from the bay of Naples and from Centuries old traditions.

We only serve booking in advance for a max of 14 guests.

We only perform for friends

or peoples referred by other guests/friends.

Our family recipes are featured in famous cooking books in Italy

and we pride to serve exactly the same, here in Hong Kong.

Each culinary experience needs more than a day

to be ready in our private space

(our traditional tomato sauces cooks 30 hours no stop),

for this reason all guests of a culinary event

will be served the same selected menu.

If you are not a lover of authentic traditional Italian cuisine,

Segreto is not for you.

but if you are..

Welcome to SEGRETO

160+ "five stars" reviews can't lie

Choose your menu

and book your unique culinary experience

Check our availability and let us know your choice.

Our menus are perfectly balanced

and studied from centuries of food culture.

Please, do not ask for common fusion recipes

or mix and match,

 there are plenty of restaurants in Hong Kong

doing a great job with that.

Segreto is not a Restaurant

We will delightfully introduce you to the Italian food culture


Be aware that we accept bookings only up to 16 guests,

Please contact us to check the possibility.

Thanks and enjoy

“The Sunday lunch at my Great Grandma's home was a never ending show of food, peoples and jokes" 

- Ermanno Lelli -

The Food


At Segreto private kitchen in Hong Kong, we rebuild the same culinary experience you could only have had in a traditional family or a very local Restaurant of Naples and south Italy.

Our dishes are all traditional, slow cooked, home made with the best ingredients.

All the recipes are fruit of centuries of food culture, just like our home made fresh Neapolitan sausages,

must to try!

All our recipes are carefully explained during this special cooking show

The tradition

And with her it's 5 generations of pure food culture

From the town of Torre Annunziata, once famous to be the capital of pasta and bread making in Italy,

a 4 generations of "home chefs" ,

grown between the vineyards of Mount Vesuvius and the seafood of the bay of Naples.

More than a century of love and tradition

that still goes on

Family recipe from 1920's featured on press

Segreto private kitchen, Hong Kong. Authentic Italian food from Naples and south Italy. traditional recipes, home made and imported ingredients. Lan Kwai Fong

1860, Torre Annunziata, psta factories drying areas

Contact Us

TEL: +852 67110822

Segreto Art Gallery, 2-4 Mee Lun  Street, G/F

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