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About Us

Unveiling a symphony of flavors, Segreto is a haven of intimate homemade Italian dining experiences that will leave you craving for more. 

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Your Italian Home

We rebuild the same culinary experience you could only have had in a traditional family or a very local restaurant of Naples and South Italy.

Our dishes are all traditional, slow cooked, home made with the best ingredients. All the recipes are fruits of centuries of food culture, just like our signature homemade fresh Neapolitan sausages.


All our recipes are carefully explained during this special cooking show

5 Generations of Cooking

Featured in multiple cookbooks, our 4-generation family recipes are from the town of Torre Annunziata, somewhere between the vineyards of Mount Vesuvius and the seafood of the bay of Naples, once famous to be the capital of pasta and bread making in Italy.


With this little one, it would be 5 generations of “home chefs”.Since the 1920s, more than a century of love and food tradition that still goes on.

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Dj & Performance

“The Sunday lunch at my Great Grandma's home was a never ending show of food, people and jokes" 

- Ermanno Lelli -

At Segreto, we celebrate Italian culture, where the joy of cooking and the power of music come together to create a truly memorable and lively culinary experience.

Our lunches & dinners are always accompanied with good music and vibes. 

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