Design Your Own Segreto Experience

Thank you for booking Segreto Exclusive Italian.

Live cooking experiences and cultural intro to the authentic Italian culinary tradition

Choose your personal selection within the best of the best of the the Italian cuisine.

The dinner experience will include:
1. Meats and cheese finger food at the beginning

2. Salad
4. Appetizer
5. Two Pasta dish live cooking
6. Main with side
7. Live made fresh sorbet
8. Dessert
9. Coffee moka experience, original Italian style
10. Homemade or artisan liquors
11. Imported Italian still and sparkling water






Premium Pasta:


Linguine Gragnano, Mantis prawn sauce, Amalfi style

"Premium add $200 HKD"

Spaghetti Gragnano "Ermanno Lelli selection" Cacio e pepe, Sea urchin Emulsion

"Premium add $200 HKD"

Spaghetti Gragnano "Ermanno Lelli selection" Original Carbonara sauce


Spaghetti Gragnano "Don Peppe", with 3 hrs cooked Neapolitan Octopus ragout


Artichoke Tuna and thyme Gragnano penne, cherry tomatoes

"Premium add $200 HKD"

Rigatoni Gragnano "Ermanno Lelli selection", Cacio e pepe, Sicilian Red prawns sashimi

"Premium add $200 HKD"

Tagliatelle fresh made, Bolognese sauce


Spaghetti Gragnano "Ermanno Lelli selection", Cacio e pepe, orange zest, white truffle oil

"Premium add $200 HKD"

Spaghetti Gragnano "Ermanno Lelli selection", wild caught grouper sauce, "Acqua pazza"


Rigatoni Gragnano "Ermanno Lelli selection", Genovese meat and cheese ragout


2nd Pasta:


Pasta Cannellini Beans and Mussels

Pasta Green Peas and Pancetta

Rigatoni Con le Sardines, signature crumble, Sicilian style

Spaghetti Alla Puttanesca

One of the tastiest pasta sauce

Spaghetti Gragnano "Ermanno Lelli selection", Nerano tyle, with zucchini cream and sheep cheese

Pasta Beans and Ham from my aunties Felicia

Fresh Live Made Pesto, knife cut

From leaves to sauce right in front of you

Artichoke Tuna and Thyme Gragnano penne, cherry tomatoes



36 hrs Slow Cooked Roman Style Pork Belly, Porchetta, Signature Marinade

3-day marinated with our signature herbs, 36 hours slow cooked and last 40 mins in high temperature oven to make it super crunchy outside, juicy and tasty inside... 
It's unbelievably good!!

Sicilian Style Meatloaf with Chocolate, Rolled in Eggplants

Eggplant roll “Palermo style” stuffed with pork and more, double cooked

Slow Cooked, Rib Eye Roast Beef

Tender and Juicy. Great with red wine.

Pan Fried Milanese Style, Porked Ribbon Fish, Lemon Dressing (Seasonal)

Seabass, baked in Crust of young potatoes and tomatoes,

Sea bass baked in a crust of potatoes and sweet tomato,
scented with home grown thyme

Neapolitan Style Meatloaf, Wellington Style, In Crust. My mum's Recipe.

Neapolitan meatloaf (maybe the only really traditional style)
The originar recipe from the 19th century.
Family recipe for this amazing dish that reminds me my childhhod.
Supe juicy and tasty.

Home Made Fresh Sausages, Neapolitan and Amasenese style, Orange zest



Carrots Marsala sauce

Best for Roast Beef

Sauteed Bell Peppers, Home Made Vinegar 14 years old, Olives and cappers (family recipe)

A "Priceless" 14 years old, home made vinegar makes the difference.

Caponata Calabrese, Mixed Fried Vegetables, South Italian style

Broccoli Sauteeed in Oil and Garlic

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